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Our Soaps Are Very Different!

You can find natural, hand-made soaps everywhere.  Some are fancy and artisan.  Some businesses buy bulk natural soaps and resell them under their business name.  Other soap businesses use endless dyes, pigments, oils, and fragrances to make their soaps stand out.


At Rootbound Farms, we take pride in knowing that each individual bar of soap is hand-made, hand-cut, and stamped by us.  We also know each and every ingredient that we use is as natural as it gets.  100% coconut oil is blended with sodium hydroxide and water to make our base 3 ingredient unscented soap.  These are the ingredients that each soap begins with.  From there, we add essential oils, organic teas, and dried spices to give each soap its own characteristic flavor!  Our soaps remain simple, and they get the job done... they clean your skin! They can be used in the shower, at the sink, for shaving, as shampoo, for your dogs, and anything else you need to clean.  Enjoy!!

We call this soap OLG -
Orange Lemongrass Ginger
One of the first soaps we ever made... this is an amazing mixture of essential oils and organic tea that will give you the awakening of cleanliness that you search for in the morning

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