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We consider our suburban farm all natural due to the fact that we use all natural nutrients to amend our soil.  We have been growing on our small plot of land for over 8 years.  We take pride in knowing that we have created the most natural environment for our food to grow.  The soil works together with all other organisms, including fungi, bacteria, and insects to make the most natural environment for our plants to be as happy as possible.   We have never introduced a foreign chemical to our farm.  Our compost is made by combining wood chips, leaves, and using our plant and food scraps.  

We consider our suburban farm biodiverse because we strive to have a diversity of life growing here.   This creates an environment where multiple species and varieties of plants, insects, and animals can thrive and live in a symbiotic relationship.  We let nature take over to do what nature does best.  Think of a forest.  The diversity of life within a forest contributes to its health.  If there is only one species or type of tree and a disease that impacts that type of tree comes through, it wipes out the entire forest.  Having a diverse environment in your garden or farm can limit entire crops getting wiped out.

We consider our suburban farm sustainable because we use and reuse many natural resources.  We try as hard as we can to use all of our own resources to maintain our farm.  All of our excess greens or plants either go into feeding our chickens, feeding our compost, or feeding our soil directly.  We get eggs from our chickens, compost is used in our beds, and our soil loves every minute of it.  The best part is that everything gets put back into our own home-made compost.  Sustainability is our goal.

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