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We have some of most loyal customers.  Each day we are proud to be a part of their lives by providing quality produce and all natural, hand-made products.  

"We love the kimchi!  We add it to so many dishes- eggs, chicken, steak!  My boyfriend is addicted to the hot sauce- he adds it to almost every meal we cook.  Our favorite soaps are 1969, Charcoal Facial Bar, and the Shampoo Bar!  I will never go back to using shampoo from a bottle.  Leaves my hair so soft and clean feeling!"

-Tere Erdmann Hubler

"ROOTBOUND FARMS soap!!  I was a little hesitant at first but decided to give it a try.  Since about March 2020, I've been hooked!!  Even the hubby loves them.  He also buys their kimchi and that is a testament in itself"

-Tamika Hickson

"We enjoyed your soaps so much this year that we sent a bar to all of our friends for Christmas.  Loved having cheerful conversations with you all both at the farmers market and your home market"

-Dr. Stephaine McCaslin

"The kimchi is awesome!!"

-Michele Yates Smith

"I have used many natural soaps over the years and Rootbound Farms is now my only soap!  It lathers great and I love the scents that have texture for a true scrub that leaves you feeling smooth and fresh."

-Jennifer Gimmel

"This was my first time trying natural soaps, and I'm never going back.  The Orange-Lemongrass-Ginger is my go-to #1 of them all.  I've tried buying online soaps from those "fake doctors", and they aren't near as good as Rootbound Farms soaps."

-Daniel Cordero

"The soaps are the best!!!!  The Salad mix is very tasty!  I wish I could buy a bag every few days!"

-Sherri Bowser

"It leaves your hands smooth and feeling really soft.  It also makes my hands smell good after doing farm chores.  I use the charcoal soap as a facial wash.  It worked instantly to clear up my face.  It also leaves your face feeling fresh!"


"I received some soaps as a Christmas gift.  They are amazing!  Lather is awesome... a little goes a long way and leaves your skin feeling so soft and clean feeling."

-Danielle Chaney Trevett

"There's lots of things I love about Rootbound Farms.  The seasonal vegetables are delicious.  The lettuce is fresh and tastes great with my salads and the soaps are amazing!  The soaps are really and truly the best soap I've used before.  The only complaint I have is that I wish they had more supply of lettuce!  It's hard to get sometimes.  Rootbound Farms provides a necessary service to all of us in this small community who want fresh and locally grown products and I'm thankful for their suburban farm"

-Megan Simpson Donnick

"We look forward to our visits to Rootbound Farms!  We get stocked up on the best smelling soaps and delicious homegrown seasonal foods.  An amazing family working to create unique and fresh options for our community"


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